Fab Jackpots at Adelaide Casino Review

Adelaide Casino is one of those Casinos that has gained a great reputation because of their huge payout jackpots. Anyone playing here does so with the dream of being the next best winner. One of the greatest advantages of playing at Adelaide Casino is that there is not just one Adelaide jackpot up for grabs but several.

Skyhigh Jackpot at Adelaide Casino

If you are looking for a gaming jackpot in Australia that is classed as being the biggest then look no further than the Skyhigh Mystery Jackpot. It is comprised of two jackpot levels. It's not a game that sits for months without any winners either because there are 15+ random winners off this gaming opportunity every day.

All you have to do to set yourself up for a potential win is choose the level 1 on any of the gaming machines and for a mere penny you are setting yourself up to be a winner. Among those 15+ winners a day they are averaging a jackpot between $100 to $200. every day. The weekly major jackpot that goes amounts to anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000.

Lightening Link

For a unique experience that can only be found at the Adelaide Casino, it involves playing for the Lightening Link Jackpot which is exclusive to here and boasts of 4 jackpot levels.

While these are just two of the numerous opportunities for big and frequent jackpot wins at Adelaide Casino it is only a short list. Other opportunities are present with Major Money Jackpots,Duo Fu Wa, 1c Cash Express ll, 2 c Cash Express ll, and Players Paradise 2c (Barossa room)

Now for the VIPs, there is a whole separate list of Adelaide jackpots that can be pocketed by enthusiastic players.

Poker players aren't left out of the jackpot action at Adelaide Casino either because there is the Main Floor Table Games Jackpots which offers the Poker Progressive Jackpot.

Adelaide Casino:
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